The Gift of Time

As givers, we know very well what it's like to give the gift of time. It is time that we give to others in a myriad of ways that express our own strengths and are reflective of our true nature.

Take a moment to reflect on how you give your time to others - to your loved ones, at work, in your community. This is your spiritual practice. This is how you embody love.

For the sake of claiming your life, ask yourself: am I giving in ways that feel right to me?  Am I in integrity around what I give or am I simply following a rule that is a habit or is a result of old conditioning? In other words, am I giving from a place of 'should' or from a place of peace and lightness?  When we take the time to notice, when we are very much in the spaciousness of the present moment, we get really clear about this.

Joseph Campbell's often quoted advice, "Follow your bliss" speaks to this reflection. In my view, he is not talking about doing just what feels good. He is talking about checking in with that deeper part of ourselves and following that feeling of spaciousness and peace wherever it leads us, moment by moment, as our lives unfold.

Also, I invite you to reflect upon another important aspect of the gift of time: Do I include myself in the giving? Do I give myself the gift of time? If not, how can I make this happen?


I notice the freedom that I experience when I give from my true nature. I include myself in this. Sometimes my gifts are accepted, and sometimes they are not.  What is important is my relationship to the giving.


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