The Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Learning to embody inner confidence is a path worth taking. I can't speak enough of the value that you get from investing in yourself in this way.

Take a moment to reflect: what is the price that you pay in terms of the quality of your relationships when you don't feel true inner confidence? Do you mostly identify with your personality and get overwhelmed with the challenges of life? Are you defensive? Do you wear masks as you play familiar roles so that real intimacy remains at bay? Are you afraid to be transparent and vulnerable? Do you look out there for validation and, thereby, alternate between the games of blaming and pleasing? Do you know that feeling of being relaxed and naturally yourself, or is there an ever-present, watchful tension in your body? Do you find it hard to laugh at yourself?

What would you add to this list to make it your own?

And let's spend time looking at the other side: what is your definition of inner confidence? A client today 'got' that her definition is to feel the inner freedom to be truly herself. For another client, it's all about the Big Love that comes from an open heart. These clients and many more can see the shifts in their relationships as they embody their own definition of inner confidence.

What would inner confidence bring you? Can you imagine what your relationships would be like if you lived in the Land of Inner Confidence?


I see the truth about where I am. I make the commitment to invest in myself and create what I want for myself.

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