The Fullness of Life

Sometimes it can be easy to feel peaceful - all is flowing, all feels good, life is lined up in a way that really works.  Then there are times that feel like a wild ride through life.  I'm just making my way through one of the latter times which is why I haven't been on this blog for awhile.

I'm in between houses - moving in itself is typically stressful for most of us as it's difficult to make changes in our nest, even if it's the right move.  David, my partner, got bit by one of our dogs when he tried to break up a fight over a toy with the result that infection raced throughout his body.  This led to a hospital stay that entailed hours and hours of IV antibiotics.  With a bad cold and ear infection resulting from hospital visits, I went away for ten days to participate a very intense, coach training retreat with Arjuna Ardagh which was wonderful and challenging.  A result of this time away has been lots of new learning to be integrated into my work with clients as well as with the confines of the personality called Jeannie.  Feelings that I have ignored in the past have shown up to be experienced.

You get the picture. What did I take away from all of this?  Being with it all, as it is, makes all the difference.  Without making myself wrong for responding the way I did or rationalizing my way out of what showed up, I consciously made room to feel into what was present.

When we let ourselves feel, particularly as women, the connection to our true nature emerges.  We rest. We are home.


Each time today that something occurs in your world that could lead you into a tailspin, stop and allow yourself to be with the emotion that is rising.  Discover where it resides in the body. Welcome all of it in.  When the time feels right, then ask: what is the message here, if any?   Listen.


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