The Flow of Love

What is love?  When we go within to our very core and rest in the stillness/peace/spaciousness, we know and experience that love is ever-present.  In our natural state, the heart is open and love flows through us, replenishing us and all those around us. Love simply is; there is nothing to do.

When we experience love in this way, there really is no "I" to love. The flow of love is outward to others. We can appreciate ourselves. We can accept ourselves.  We can honor ourselves  as human beings.  All these practices of inner confidence are in the realm of thought.  Love is beyond the mind.


Today allow yourself at least 5 minutes of rest in the spaciousness of love. Feel the heart expand.  Be in the silence.  When you're ready, make eye contact with another without the need to actually 'do' anything. Simply notice what happens.


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