The Dance with Stress

January provides you with a special opportunity to reflect on your precious life. What is calling you? To set an intention for this upcoming year wholeheartedly and clearly - with a witness to support you - makes all the difference. Consider a coaching session with me to begin your journey this year in a conscious way.

My invitation to you is to play - dancing with your inner and outer life - in ways that reflect self-responsibility, self-trust, and possibility. Let the new year begin....

The Dance with Stress

The pace of life is what it is. There are components we can manage at a pace that feels right to our own particular rhythm. There are aspects that are out of the realm of our control. Life happens. Challenges arise.

The daily practice of inner confidence is all about consciously buildingyour inner resources. In this, you discover the habits and limiting beliefs that get in your way of living life fully. You uncover the layers of emotions that are calling to be embraced. You get clear on what is important to you. You continue to move beyond - growing, deepening, evolving, unfolding into your life.

In stressful times, you notice that those patterns you experienced as complete and no longer in the driver’s seat are apparent again. You find yourself reactive and emotionally charged. Once again, you are in the throes of a wave that can take you to a very familiar place - it’s uncomfortable, you don’t like it, you want to avoid it - and it’s taking its toll on you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It is in these moments that the fruit of your daily practice can come to the forefront. You notice any self-judgment and/or feelings of discouragement. You observe a tendency to analyze, to fix, to try hard to change what is happening. You make the choice to allow what is present within you to run its course through you - with the gift of time and space.

You trust your inner resources - that unshakeable connection to your core - by dancing with the stress that is happening within you.

This upcoming year of 2013 will likely bring all of us challenges in life. I invite you to give your heart to ALL of life, including those stressful moments. Experience the freedom to accept and simply be where you’re at in each moment.

Learning how to dance gracefully with it all, including what is stressful for you, takes you home to yourself.


Reflect on a concrete, particularly stressful situation. At a body level, open your awareness to whatever is here for you to discover and embrace. See with honesty. Rest into whatever is happening without fixing or trying to change it. Give this energetic experience of stress lots of space and freedom to be what it is. Allow the energy to dance in your body in its own way.

Simply notice the impact of this practice.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,


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