The Creative Flow

Actively trying and striving to 'make' something happen can stop true creativity in its tracks. Spending conscious time in stillness plants the seeds for creativity to emerge. Easily. Fluidly. When a client and myself enter the stillness of our true nature, insights and new ideas burst forth in a way that is very different from those times when the mind is ruling.

It is in the Stillness that is accompanied by deep listening where we get in touch with the truth of who we are. From this truth, we simply know what we need to do. Our hearts tell us. Our bodies share their wisdom with us. We are awake to life, our own lives, creatively moving through us.

I feel honored to be with a client in this sacred space where possibilities open up that are filled with energy and optimism and realness.  I hold this place of stillness for myself and others and am committed to the ever-deepening process of finding the creative gifts that emerge from here. It is from this place that true inner confidence abounds.


I invest in the time needed to reach the depths of who I am at my core.  From this place, I play with the creative ideas that arise.  I relish what I discover.


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