The Chattering Mind

My invitation to you is to consciously spend time today observing the thoughts that pass through your mind. What do you notice?

How much of your thoughts  are focussed on expectations or desires?  How common are the phrases "I wish" or "if only" as you pay attention to thought?  In other words, how often do you focus on lack?  When you try to control your thoughts or even judge yourself for having a thought, what do you notice?

Some food for consideration: most thoughts are not original and are really about nothing, in particular. It's chatter that passes through without a decision on our part to choose what thoughts will pop up.  There is no blame in this; it's simply the human way.

When you believe you are what you think, you do not connect with your natural state which is already here, present in this moment. Investing energy to find tools to support you in the integration of the spaciousness which is your natural state - and your humanity which is also present in your daily, busy life - makes all the difference.

As all of us slow down, release old points of view that have run our lives, and keep the energy flow in the body clear and free, thoughts will still continue to occur.  We just have the capacity to not take them seriously.

It is then that the inspired mind can come into awareness, and we are able to creatively move through what life is asking of us.


Use your computer or watch to set the timer to come on at random times during the day. Stop. Connect with that which is already here in the present moment as you breathe and fall back into yourself.  Stretch into any tension, welcoming everything that is present.  Feel the energy in your body flow freely, even if it's just an iota more than before you stopped to stretch and be in the silence.

Notice what is different as you go about your day until the timer rings again.


© 2009 Jeannie Campanelli, Inner Confidence Coaching. All Rights Reserved.