The Beauty of Silence

How does inner confidence thrive?

When we take the time to be, we touch into our natural state that gently arises in the fertile soil of silence. In the silence, we understand that we don't have 'to do' anything, in particular.  Instead, we rest into our natural state - the state of stillness, peace, and spaciousness - and accept whatever arises, whether it's tension, a feeling, or a thought.  We let go of the control to be anything but who we are in each moment. An attachment to habitual thoughts melt away. The heart softens and expands so that love can flow. A felt connection with all that is grows. Clarity blossoms.

I had the gift of attending a five-day retreat in California last week under the leadership of Arjuna Ardagh. I rested in the silence. I ate organic, healing food. I practiced yoga with a wonderful teacher ().  And I slept - a lot.  The whole experience felt like heaven to me as the sense of opening and deepening into peace, love, and true beauty emerged.

At home again, I have a deep appreciation for silence and its gifts to inner confidence.  I'm excited about including the beauty of silence in future retreats and coaching.


Upon awakening in the morning, give yourself the time to simply 'be' in the silence. Sit in the silence with your spine straight and tall. Be with whatever arises by stretching into any tension or ache as well as any feeling that arises from a thought or memory. Embrace it all.  Breathe.  Relax into the body.  Allow yourself to enjoy this time of connection with your true nature.


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