The Balancing Act

What does balance mean to you? This is a question that is very helpful to ponder, and one that I visit with most of my clients at some point in time. In truth, there are many who see this as their key focus in living a fulfilling life.

What currently isn't working in terms of balance? Begin there as it will point you very clearly to what you do want. For instance, a client knew that he didn't want to be so tired anymore which led him to see that the balance between rest and activity is calling to him. Although I feel energetic, I don't want to spend my days 'doing' which points me to the balance of being and doing. Balancing saving and spending, travel and being home, the practice of generosity and frugality, solitude and social time - the possibilities of places to look for balance can go on and on.

What is YOUR list? What does your balancing act look like?

The next step is to look at what actions need to be taken to support the yearning that emerges from what you have listed. Although awareness is crucial, insights alone typically do not move us forward. What are practices or new habits that would support you in following through with what you discovered?

Change happens in baby steps. Take the time to reflect on this and then plan for what's next. For example, in my realization that I am yearning for more time to simply 'be', I made the space in my calendar to spend time at my cottage to quietly read and reflect in nature. A respite to support me in reconnecting with myself at a deeper level. I have also booked a retreat in the mountains of California come June.

What are steps that you need to make? What is calling you so that you can create more balance in your journey of fully living your life?


It is important for me to create balance in my life as I know the benefits that I reap when I take care of myself in this way.

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