That isn't Fair!

How familiar are these words to you? You might hear your children say them. In frustration, your own inner child and/or adolescent voice(s) may utter them to yourself or even out loud.  In my own work with countless clients, I have heard that phrase or a sophisticated version of that phrase at some point with almost everyone. The words come from the ego and often can sound energetically like a whine. "That isn't fair!"  What about me?"  It can seem like we're fighting for our very survival and, to the ego, it is like that.  When we're not in the very middle of feeling the unfairness of it all, a smile can unfold.  Our wise self knows the the truth.

The circumstances of our lives tell a different story that is beyond the simplistic code that there should be fairness.  And, yet, what is that universal yearning all about?

Making the ego wrong for wanting fairness isn't useful.  Hearing and loving that part of us is.  Turning that child's whine for fairness into the wise adult's advocacy for justice and equality expands our consciousness and our experiences.  We are all equal, deserving of respect and responsible for the whole.


I listen to my inner child's voice that cries for fairness.  When I examine this cry, I discriminate according to what is to be let go of and what is to be kept as inspiration to make a difference.  I trust my wisdom.  I take a stand for justice and equality, beginning with me.


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