Taking Care of Details

The particles of life or, in other words, life's details, can be challenging to take care of on a daily basis. For everyone, it can create a busyness that can be hard to handle. This is especially true for those of us (as I include myself in this group) whose strength is not taking care of details.

The positive side of this limitation is that it usually means we are in the moment and can be free spirits at heart. This is a wonderful feeling that those who are naturally very, very responsible and focussed on details can sometimes miss. The downside is that we can forget important details and create frustration in those around us in the process.

How do we handle this challenge? What works for me is owning and accepting this about myself and creating strategies that set me up for success. Writing everything down, keeping my space organized, developing routines, concentrating on one thing at a time - all of these practices and more are useful in creating a structure. The biggest piece in this is asking for help. Working as a team - especially as a family - is key. And I notice that it's okay for me to let someone lead the way whose strength is the details - it takes the pressure off of me.


I accept all of myself. I ask for help. I support myself in meaningful ways. I am okay, and all is well.