Taking Care of Business

An important component of claiming your own life is managing your own money. Money is energy. Consciously reflecting on how you manage your energy/money is key to your inner confidence.   What is your relationship with money?  Do you take responsibility for it or let others decide for you?  Do you have clear boundaries?   As a giver, do you notice that it is very easy to give your money away to those who you believe need it more than you?  What are the consequences?   Are you giving from a place of personal need to please or are you truly supporting others to support themselves - the highest form of giving?

Spend time taking stock of your beliefs around money.  What did you learn from your parents about money management?  How did they perceive money?  What do you want to keep that you learned from them and what are you ready to throw away because it really doesn't work for you?  Consciously choosing your beliefs is another way to take back your life.

Other places to look around money for you to take full responsibility are practical matters. Do you have a credit card in your name?  Are your utility bills in both yours and your partner's names?  Do you have your own bank account?   Is your name on a credit card that your partner uses instead of you?  Paying attention to the details of YOUR money is a way that you show self-respect.


It's okay for me to take control of my own money. I'm important. I get to choose what my relationship with my money looks like. I handle the details with ease and confidence.


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