Taking a Stand

There's power in taking a stand. For example, a client of mind has taken a stand for acceptance. When she notices people judging themselves harshly, she challenges them. She also challenges herself.

The impact of this choice to take a stand in this way is that she is tolerant of others and herself at a whole new level. She's feeling happy. She has energy to get things done. She has stopped "sweating the small stuff". Instead of feeling irritated with someone's behavour, she simply listens...forgives...accepts...and challenges them to do the same with themselves. Gentleness, tenderness, acceptance - all are the order of the day. She feels FREE.

What would you like to take a stand for? What is important to you? You might look to take a stand in an area that you notice gets in people's way. Chances are that the behaviour is present in you as well.

Affirmations: I reflect on what's important to me - that 'something' that I believe would increase the presence of love. I am grateful as this stand that I take impacts my world and the world of those around me.

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