Taking a Processing Pause

What do I mean by processing? Evaluating, judging, blaming, worrying, 'trying hard' to think one's way out of a problem, focussing on every detail - all are ways that, as humans, we can process.

Processing - a lot - can become a habit of the mind that drains our energy. It takes us away from the present as well as our creative selves. Our happiness suffers as well as our peace of mind when stories (assumptions) are made up. We focus less on what's real and more on illusions.

How do we take a pause from this habit that's part of the inner chatter of the monkey mind? In coaching, we call this kind of chatter - the Gremlin.

1. We breathe.

2. We notice our surroundings and get in touch with our senses to bring us back into the present moment.

3. We notice our thoughts and write them down if it is helpful. Then we ask ourselves - is it true?

4. We rest into Awareness which opens us up to trusting life.


Whatever is happening is perfect. All will unfold. I will know what to do - step by step.

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