Slowing Down

In my world, the days can fly. I busily coach and in between sessions complete my list of daily To Do's - both for my business and personal life. I enjoy feeling engaged and productive - it's a natural part of my personality. When I'm in the creative flow and building a sense of momentum in moving forward, I feel good. 

And often, at the close of an active day as I allow myself to truly stop and rest, I realize that it would have been okay for me to slow down in between my coaching. Yes, it was gratifying to get things done, and I can take my time - trusting that what truly needs to get done will get done eventually.

All of us are on our own this path of learning and growth, and we all have an edge (that tipping point when we know that stepping over to the other side will change the status quo). When we meet an edge, it is helpful to get clear on our vision of what's on the other side. In other words, an inquiry might be: What will stepping over this edge bring me that I essentially want more of?

Slowing down is my edge. What is there for me if I slow down?  If you relate to my inquiry, please make it your own. I will share my vision for myself and ask that you write about yours and share it with someone else as well. Being witnessed with compassion and acceptance is a powerful act in the process of change.

Slowing down gives me time to breathe. All the moments of my day get to be experienced in their fullness - whether they are pleasurable or uncomfortable. Being with 'what is' gives me the opportunity to deepen my own journey toward self-love and self-acceptance as I, too, explore inner confidence. Better digestion, deeper sleeps, a greater sense of flow, an increase in reflective time - slowing down brings all this and more.

What does slowing down bring you?  Feel free to comment so we can build a list that has all of us who are called to slow down expand our vision of what's possible on the other side.


It is safe for me to stop and rest. I pace my days - breathing, enjoying the beauty of nature around me and feeling grateful for all the good stuff. I nurture my trust in Life. There is an abundance of time when I truly live from Presence.


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