Sing Your Own Song


As the new year begins, many of us focus on our resolutions for the coming year. Usually our list is full of 'shoulds' that the mind creates in response to what it believes others think about us.

But we can move away from the mind and its habit of living in what’s logical, practical, and known. It dwells in the outer world of circumstances.

Begin this year with a focus on your heart.

Create your own song....
Write your own poem....
Move to your own rhythm....

Live in the freedom of simply being yourself.

Ask: what does my heart long for?

The mind’s focus may be a sense of scarcity, or some version of perceived success. It fixes on thinking about renovating the house, buying a new car, pounds that need to be shed, a relationship that needs to be fixed, or a new adventure like a vacation.

For those committed to personal growth, the mind might focus on a behaviour or memory that needs healing or improvement. But the heart has no rules, no fixations.

When we rest in the heart, we learn to trust that the 'right' action arises at the 'right' time, regardless of what the mind thinks.

Bring your attention to the heart - like a flashlight shining on the chest area. Ask again: what does my heart long for?

Turn away from the drive to make something happen.

Move past the power of trying to force, control, manipulate, fix, change, heal, fightstrive for, protect.

Listen deeply to the heart. Be in the heart that embraces everything.

Bring all of who you are into your heart.

Open to seeing yourself with complete honesty and willingness, including what you believe are your weaknesses. Make friends with these weaknesses. Embrace them.

Bring them fully into your heart, gently, kindly, lovingly. Resting in the heart, you come to understand that whatever their cost has been, your weaknesses are also a great gift.

The heart longs for you to bring everything home to yourself. This is the doorway into pure love.

It is not entered by setting goals to improve yourself or your life.
It doesn’t come from trying to fix what you see as the broken parts of yourself.

The reality is the opposite. There is nothing to do other than simply to bring everything - every feeling, every thought, every weakness - into your heart.

As a person who has lived on the treadmill of power, I know the fulfillment that comes from putting down the sword I use to fight with myself. There is a palpable shift when I surrender to the feeling of helplessness and accept what is.

The paradox is that as we surrender, the magic of life, whose core is in our heart, takes over.

We ride the river of our life - honestly and responsibly on our own two feet. Freely, naturally, simply.

A different version of happiness arises from the heart’s longing. It is quiet and soft and gentle, dipped in the love that is always here. Its sweetness is beyond words.


Allow yourself to become aware of what you perceive as a weakness. Welcome it into your heart. Make friends with this weakness. Be in it. Honestly see it through the heart that embraces everything.


 ....Thank you to Linda Kolker, for the photograph of this beautiful fledgling bluebird. Having just left the nest, this little one is learning to feed himself and to sing his own song.