Sharing with Conviction

When we express ourselves with conviction, what we share has an impact. People listen, and the possibility of empowering others is present.

This quality of conviction in our sharing comes from a grounded place within us of pure knowing. In other words, "I've been there" and "I get it" underlies our words. Our message does not come from reading a book; it comes from experience. We've lived it.

We know in our bones what works for us. We've experienced the results of a specific action or step. Our intention in sharing what we have learned through experience comes from humility and compassion. We are not rescuing. We are not attached to the person following what we have to say. We trust that they are creative, resourceful and whole. We are simply sharing when the opportunity is ripe, and the person in front of us is open to hearing.

Real power lies in our ability to create. Learning from our experiences and sharing that wisdom with others creates possibility.


I value all of my experiences. I trust that each situation or circumstance that challenges me to grow is perfect. In that perfection, I am blessed to share what I know with those who are open and requesting what I have to offer. I appreciate that many times, the opportunity to share with conviction is born in the silence of simply being.


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