Sharing the Gifts YOU were Born to Express

Your work is to discover your life and with all your heart to give yourself to it.” -- Buddha

When you claim your life, a life grounded in your own body, you discover your deepest self beyond the conditioned mind. As you integrate Presence into your life, you naturally share your unique gifts with your world.

You can express these gifts in a myriad of ways that bring you pleasure - and not just through a chosen career path. The challenge can be to also fully express your natural gifts with your life partner, your family members, and your friends. The practice becomes expressing the gifts that are uniquely flowing through you wherever you are as you move through your day by simply being your true self.

It feels wonderfully satisfying, a win/win, to express what we're naturally good at - for ourselves and others. It is the way that we express Love in our daily lives.  Our heart thrives.

I have spent years in personal development, claiming the field as a passion that has propelled careers in education, counselling, and now coaching. I get both personally and professionally that simply focusing on self - one's own happiness, well-being, success, and spiritual serenity - does not satisfy our deepest longing.  In that paradigm, the focus is about 'getting'  and that essentially does not work.  It can lead us down a path of self-indulgence, resistance to 'what is', frustration, resentment, and emptiness.

The real shift happens when we focus on giving.  Not so that we forget ourselves and give out of a 'should' or a 'have to'.  Not that we give what we really don't want to give.  It's about giving what comes naturally to us and that is a practice that takes time and effort to fully integrate. It comes from an inner confidence - that natural expression of who we truly are that flows through us to others.

It happens when we get out of the way of our own personal identity that we call 'me'. It happens when, as Byron Katie would say who developed The Work, we stay in our own business, taking back our projections and expectations. It happens when we stand in our own power, feeling the energy that is there to be felt without the story so the flow of Life moves through us into our world - effortlessly.  Simply being us.


Today notice the feedback that you receive from others. Discover the clues that point you toward your gifts that are meant to be expressed.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,