Self-respect Revisited

Self-respect. There are so many aspects to truly living this one principle. I believe that a whole life's learning can be based on developing self-respect. The impact of this kind of intention - to claim self-respect and integrate it into all aspects of one's life - is profound. The soul - the essence of who we are - can thrive in this fertile 'soil' from which to grow. I'm currently thinking of a client who is in a new relationship after a very challenging marriage that taught her deeply about self-respect. Her current partner behaved disrespectfully which gave her the opportunity to see the degree to which she has grown in respecting herself and setting clear boundaries about what she will and will not accept from someone else. She stood in her values, used her voice and felt her strength without the need to fight. Through our work, she really got at a deep level that she would not accept behaviour that didn't feel respectful to her...ever again. There's such power in detachment and understood at a heart level that she would be okay with or without this partner. The strength that came from really seeing and appreciating the high degree of self-respect that she has attained (with intention) was a blessing to witness.

How willing are you to fine tune your ability to stand in self-respect? Are you willing to do the inner work necessary to fully get on an emotional, spiritual, physical and mental level that you are worthy of this?

My hat's in the ring. Is yours?


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