When truly claiming your life as your own, an inner confidence grows at a core level. One component of the journey toward owning your own life and fully living your life on your terms is building a strong muscle of self-respect. This shows up in the actions that you take and how how talk to yourself. What are actions that are respectful of who you are and what you believe? How do you treat your body with respect? How do you talk to yourself? Do you listen to what your inner voice has to tell you with respect? How do the people around you talk to you - a strong indicator of how you talk to yourself? Who do you spend time with, and do they respect themselves?

As I observed how I talked to myself and began to know and acknowledge who I am with respect, friends changed in my outer world. This happened over time in a natural, organic way without conflict. We simply didn't have in common what we once did. I know at an experiential level that our outer world reflects our inner world.

Paying attention to our inner life with a focus on self-respect - and doing that on a day-to-day basis - makes a big difference in a life. I tread that path and watch the layers of self-respect open in ways that can still surprise me and feel very good inside my heart.


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