Resistance and Suffering

As I listen to myself, I more and more integrate at a cellular level that suffering comes from not accepting what is. As I've written previously, life has its difficulties. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that every single day can have a difficult or challenging moment. When I work with clients to move into the center of a pain within their bodies, over and over the pain lifts or, at the very least, lightens. The same is true for an experience or emotion. Being with. Getting curious. Sending love and acceptance to ourselves. All makes a difference. As our resistance to being with what is decreases, our willingness to experience the full range of what's there for us heightens. We know aliveness.

The reality is that when we give ourselves the opportunity to be where we honestly are, we naturally move to our core which is a happy place. We don't have to push to get there. We can just notice any internal messages from our inner critic telling us that we 'should' be different.  And...we just naturally move toward balance.

Today, what would be different if you allow yourself to enter into without any judgment exactly what comes up for you? A challenging moment might evoke a stressful emotion, overall tension or a pain in your body. Go to a quiet place. Experiment not resisting and, instead, allow yourself to experience whatever is there deep inside of you. And notice.


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