Relationship as Opportunity

Relationships get messy sometimes.  Messy relationships are part of life and happen for everyone.

I witness this in my own relationships, not just with my significant other. Feelings get triggered here and there.  Different points of view stir the pot of the identity called 'me'.  The mirror in front of me reflects back  the identity of 'other'  - challenging me to explore.  What I am resisting? What am I not owning about myself?  What am I avoiding feeling?  What is numbing the heart?

In all of the messiness of relationships,  we receive the most wonderful gift.  To learn to love  - innocently, openly, transparently.

Through our relationships, there is the opportunity to experience oneness where there is no 'me' or 'other' - simply spaciousness/presence/oneness. We open our hearts and allow the love from Presence to flow as it is meant to flow.  We experience the Big Love.

And that makes it all worthwhile.  That fulfills the deepest yearning of the soul.  To know Love. To be Love. To open the heart to Love flowing through it naturally and deeply.


Fall back into this moment,  aware of the breath, and let go. Place your hand on your heart. Reflect upon those in your life to whom you feel the closest in this moment. Notice the sensations in the heart when you reflect upon each person with a smile of gratitude.  Appreciate the flow of Love.

© 2009 Jeannie Campanelli, Inner Confidence Coaching. All Rights Reserved.