Pursuing Joy

What does joy mean to you? Get curious. When you set your intention, an attitude that inclines your mind in a direction that your heart desires, you begin a process. You start to notice that joy is present...always....you just have to uncover it...discover it...awaken it.

There's a wonderful book called: How We Choose to be Happy: The 9 Choices of Extremely Happy People - Their Secrets, Their Stories". Filled with wonderful principles about taking full responsibility for your life, a road map is offered about living happily, living joy. This doesn't mean that life doesn't include suffering. We would be in denial if we had a 'should' that told us to smile all the time. We wouldn't be real.

I'm noticing that the joy that is inside me is a place I know that I can visit any time that I choose. It's deeply present when I'm present. In stillness lies joy, independent of circumstances. Separate from my mind and the chatter it creates. It's just there: connected to my natural, inner child. That spontaneous place of being....simply being....me.


I am worthy of feeling joy. I trust that it lies deep inside of me. I'm worthy of looking for it...finding it...and experiencing it often and deeply.


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