Pure Joy....

We have a new addition to the family - her name is Gracie.  Halfway between three and four months old, this black Lab is a tuning fork for joy.  Being with her, I can't help but smile - her joy is infectious. Completely in the present, she follows what interests her. She snuggles. Explores. Passes the time away in simple pleasures. She stretches, sleeps when she's tired, and asks for what she wants (in her puppy way). She lets us know when she's happy with her wonderful, wagging tail. Her curiosity has her easily adjust to a new home with new people. Open-hearted, she already shares her love.

There's lots to learn about joy, just watching her. How do you define joy? What brings you joy? What's the impact of your joy on those around you?

Noticing and reflecting about joy draws it closer to us.


I incline my mind toward joy. I am worthy. It's there for all of us.


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