Protecting Ourselves Emotionally

All of us have ways to protect ourselves when we feel threatened emotionally. We can become defensive, get angry, go numb, run away, avoid, block...and the list goes on. How do you protect yourself when you are triggered by someone else's words or actions and thrown off balance? This isn't about making us wrong when we protect ourselves. It's gently noticing that we are doing this to increase our self-awareness. And looking at options that keep our hearts open.

My observation is that protection comes from making the other person wrong for our own trigger. It's easy to blame the other person as the cause. And is that true? If we didn't agree with what was said, would we be triggered? Are they just mirroring our own relationship with ourselves?


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This trigger is an opportunity for me to accept myself with love and gratitude. My unconscious learned to protect myself which was very smart. I didn't have the resources when I was a child that I have now. I move forward with love and gratitude.


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