President Obama's Stake in the Ground

I feel so excited and grateful for this opportunity that all of us have to experience true leadership at such a close range. President Obama's commitment to transparency allows us to see what it's like when someone leads from this grounded place of clarity, integrity, and love. 

Obama's stake (think of the metaphor of a tetherball) is so obvious and consistent in all that he says and does. From the beginning, we knew what he stood for because he has a singular message that drives his leadership decisions. Change. Mutual responsibility. Collaboration. Transparency. Integrity. Unity. Not only do we know what he stands for , we know who he is because he walks the talk.

Even as he is witnessed by the media, both he and his wife appear so natural and comfortable in their skins, loving and respectful of one another and others. There is nothing for them to hide; it's the real deal. Their presence points to the power of 'being' ourselves as a way to impact others in positive ways.

When becoming a coach, I took a year long leadership program through the Coaches Training Institute and now get to see in action the principles of leadership that I was experientially taught. Obama is a model for us, and I can feel the shift everywhere as he has raises the standard of leadership and inspires us to step into a different perspective. How can we not look at the world and ourselves differently?

Coaching supports this kind of leading/'being' in the world. As a true participant in life, we needs to know what we stand for - it simplifies how we live our lives. Our choices/decisions come from this stand - the difference we want to make. That's inner confidence because the very nature of this perspective has us move on from our pasts, whatever our 'stories' may be. We know who we are and, most important, we know our purpose.

It becomes very gratifying to live life in this way, even in the midst of any mind chatter that is part of being human.


I wake up to who I am and what I stand for. Making my choices around my values has me feel congruent, grounded and purposeful. I step into the unknown with the confidence that comes from making decisions based on my principles. I humbly appreciate the opportunity to reach out and share my gifts.


Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D, CPCC, is deeply committed to sparking the hearts of women and men to experience an inner confidence - that sense of wholeness, aliveness, and serenity that comes from deeply knowing yourself, fully accepting the lightness and darkness of being human, and living freely by standing in your own truth.

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