Powerful Times...

I love to write. For me, time passes very, very quickly as I focus in on what I want to express. Other than a main topic, I don't plan ahead of time what I will write. I just sit and wait, letting my thoughts unfold. When I take the time to do what I love, like writing, I find that I connect with myself. I get in touch with my creative, intuitive side which is grounding for me.

What is it that you love to do? What's different for you when you make the time to do what you love? What gets in the way?

For myself, these last few weeks I have not been as committed as I like to be to my writing. Instead I notice that I've been focussed on the roller coaster ride of the U.S. Presidential election - reading, watching and discussing while learning about the candidates, their impact, and myself. What's important to me? Where is my own shadow in them? What is my philosophy, my values, my stand in life?

I see that many clients are bringing the election to their coaching calls - leaving behind some of what they love to do and taking the time to focus on the hope that this election calls forth. Clients are inspired by Obama's leadership - whether they will vote for him or not; whether they're American or not. His integrity, calmness, steadiness, stand for unity - the list goes on as strong and positive role models are rare. It's compelling to watch someone express their natural gifts, invest time and energy in developing them, and then share them from a place of service. He exudes confidence. What a powerful and positive impact he is having on the world by being himself.

Sometimes it's okay to leave behind what we love for a time. To follow our curiosity, our hearts, our values. To learn more about ourselves and our world. To return to our work with something new in our hearts.


I open myself to inspiration. I trust that when I return to what is mine to express, another level of who I am will comes forward. I trust in goodness and Divine Love. I trust myself.


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