Personal Development

What does personal development mean to you? I believe that each of us has our own definition and that that definition can impact the direction of our growth. For example, I see my definition of personal development as being about my inner life - my relationship to myself which impacts my relationship with others.

A beginning place in this journey of personal development would be to set an intention to develop an aspect that's important to you and is in alignment with your own definition. Placing your focus on this intention will stir movement forward. Thinking will shift, which in turn will shift emotions and even how you feel at a body level. From this new focus, you will be inspired to take certain actions. Every action can be examined at to whether it's one that you want to take (inspiration) rather than what you 'should' take. Only then is your heart in sync with this action. It feels right in your bones to take this step, and you know that you're on track. It's called being in integrity.

What is it that you really want in 2008? Reflect on this. Notice what arises. Take action from this inspired, inner voice. Make a plan and set up a structure so that you will follow through. Your intact sense of self will continue to build through this process.


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