Our Inner Kid

Over and over as I am working with a client, whether female or male, I see the value in supporting and encouraging a connection with her or his 'inner' child. It's part of the journey toward self-responsibility - toward fully claiming our lives. 

What do I mean by 'inner child'? It's the part of us who never really grows up. It's where our playfulness,spontaneity, enthusiasm and creativity lie as well as our unresolved feelings from earlier times.

When we truly listen to the kid, the child within which I assert is closest to our spirit, we 'get' the impact of our experiences and touch that vulnerable, open and real self. We're given the opportunity to be there for our wounds with love, acceptance and compassion.

Our ability to feel happiness grows in proportion to our willingness to recognize and allow the full range of feelings - particularly our pain. When we deeply listen to our sadness and hurts and disappointments, our inner core has the opportunity to feel loved and, therefore, content.

Try this experiment. Take a moment. Through your breath, enter a silent place within you. Imagine your child - whatever age that floats to the surface - be in front of you. What is s/he feeling? What does s/he want to communicate with you? Be in the silence and listen with trust to what emerges. What does s/he need from you?

Feed back to her or him what has been said and let that part know you are committed to being there. Notice the impact on your body. Appreciate this gateway to love and contentment.


I open to deeply listening to myself. I am my own caretaker, and I do so with love and joy. I am happy and safe as I master the art of truly taking care of my inner child. As I open my heart to the needs of this inner part of me, I know that I am safe.


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