Our Inner Confidence Compass

A component of a deepening inner confidence is that we naturally begin to take our personalities less seriously. Resistance melts away as we identify more strongly with the sense of oneness and connection rather than being right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative. We simply become less rigid about it all and laugh more, especially at ourselves.

From this 'awakened' state, we are able to be in the flow of life - listening closely to what feels right to us - rather than living at the mercy of old conditioning and habits. Trying to fix or change old conditioning and habits moves farther into the background of our minds; moving toward vitality and purpose steps into the foreground.

The compass that points us toward vitality and fulfillment is our body as it sidesteps the old conditioning and habits advocated by our mind. This level of self-awareness requires us to be in the moment - paying attention to our body's sensations and listening to its messages.

To get a sense of what I'm talking about, experiment with this exercise that I adapted from Karen Vizer.

Take a quiet moment to imagine yourself being asked to attend a lavish banquet and, in the next moment, you hear that the food being served is what you really don't like. What do you notice are your body sensations? When you're ready, shake off that energy and, through your breath, revisit that quiet place inside of you. Imagine that you have been invited to a banquet and, this time, you are served an array of your very favourite foods. What do you notice are your body sensations now?

The following is another experiment in becoming attuned to your body's messages: Think of a peak moment in your life and return to the point when you made the decision leading to that special moment. What were the body sensations? Think of a time that didn't work out for you in the way that you wanted and go back to the moment you made that decision. What do you notice here?

Trusting your body's knowing as to what increases or decreases its energy - in other words, whether something feels yummy or yucky (or sometimes neutral) will support you in navigating through life toward what excites you, what moves you, what nourishes you. Freedom from the confines of your personality will be yours at another level.


When I have a decision to make, I take the time to imagine myself following through with each of my choices. I pay attention to what my body sensations tells me - trusting that it has important information to assist me in living on purpose.

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