Opening to Translucence

As I read Arjuna Ardagh's "The Translucent Revolution" in preparation for my training in California with him come June, I feel so clear about my commitment to this level of coaching.

Because I have consciously worked with inner confidence both personally and professionally for much of my adult life, I really get that the spiritual component, this translucence, is necessary to deeply experience inner confidence. The personality and mind developed by conditioning and habits gets in the way of our being ourselves. Fixing those aspects of ourselves only goes so far. The mind has its limits. What I see is that shifting our internal frequencies instead of focusing on changing our external circumstances flows outward to all aspects of our lives in a natural and magical way.

Real freedom and fullness comes from identifying with the Presence that is within all of us. Many of us have glimpses of this 'awakened' state - and it is a challenge to live our lives from that place. This is the learning for me that I will pass on to you as I begin this challenging program with Arjuna. How to more deeply live a translucent life...and coach from that place in helping others do the same.

I'm very excited about this!


I notice at a body level what energizes me today. I use my body compass to direct me on my path, trusting that all is well. I am grateful for the opportunities to deepen my relationship with Life. I embrace my sacredness.

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