Opening Your Heart


While leading the It’s MY Life! Tele-Group, one of the participants commented that since each module is centered around the heart, it’s more accurate to call this program, “It’s MY Heart!”. That resonated with me.

What I have learned through my own experience and share with others is that when I fully commit to live from my heart each moment in my day, the ability to stand firm and straight in my truth changes everything.

The heart is the portal into awareness. Through the heart, you connect with the stillness within the very center of you. It is in your center, your very core, where a sense of oneness with all existence is alive.

Our world has a tendency to lean toward the mind - there is a push to get things done, to strive, to go after more, to keep your eye on the destination, and to be successful according to society’s definition of success. In this, there can be a preoccupation with ‘doing’ in contrast to the heart which is all about the ‘beingness’ in human being.

The limited mind takes you into the loop of a story made up of beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are created through conditioning. The heart is all about limitless possibility.

Honestly seeing your patterns and opening your heart to embrace each one is taking true responsibility for yourself. As you stay connected to your heart, you can’t help but BE in your own business.

When you feel into the depth of your emotions, particularly pain, your heart opens. It becomes warm, soft, tender. The walls of protection gradually melt.

As the heart melts, you learn to accept yourself as you are and accept your life as it is. This is truly living from the inside out. With acceptance that unfolds in its unique way according to your nature, your heart organically leads you through life with a sense of flow grounded in trust.

Explore what life is like when you give all of yourself to the heart:

  • Do you allow your feelings to flow? Getting into the body is a wonderful way to embrace ALL feelings. Being with your emotions without a story leads you to presence/spaciousness/stillness where wisdom arises.
  • Are you aware of your body - listening to when your heart expands or contracts? The nature of your breath? The levels of tension and relaxation? From here, are you able to listen to your heart’s knowing?
  • Do you take the time to nurture your relationships? Do you connect mind to mind or heart to heart with your loved ones? Explore the difference.
  • There is fulfillment in giving your gifts to those around you. Do you notice an ease when you are being in your heart and expressing yourself in your unique way? What’s different when you fully stand in you - your heart, your feet, you ‘spot’ in this world?
  • How connected are you to the freedom and fulfillment that lives in the heart - beyond the expectations, needs, preferences, and wants of your human identity?

It is through the heart that we can rest into the compassionate and all-embracing witness of our humanness. The practice of mindfulness dramatically shifts when you see from the heart and can be more aptly called heartfulness.


Find a place to rest comfortably and gently close your eyes. Connect with your breath, being with it as is.

Scan your body from the crown of your head down the front of your body to your feet and then up again through the back of your body to the crown of your head. Simply notice your body’s sensations without changing anything.

Remain still.

Now scan the body again through the eyes of the heart.

Notice the difference.