Nurturing YOU

Your month will likely be filled with preparing for and celebrating the holiday season with family and/or friends. With so much happening that calls your attention to be “out there” - gift exchanging, entertaining and being entertained, feasting, staying up later than usual - it’s natural to feel a little off balance.

How do you turn inward and stay connected to the center of you, your very being, in the midst of all the busyness of doing?

I invite you to read further to explore ways you can nurture your beingness and, thereby, gently move through the holiday season with all of its joys and challenges.

The photos were chosen to give you a sense of the experience of true nourishment: connection, receptivity, love, fulfillment, and rest in each moment.

Animals have the capacity to be present without being controlled by the critical mind. They teach us about unconditional love.



During really busy times whether they’re wonderful - or not, there is a component of stress that can arise. Your routine shifts. You receive less sleep. Your diet is different. Time to exercise might go by the wayside. You may not have as much quiet, alone time as you like. In putting so much of your focus outward to those around you and what has to be done, you can easily get disconnected from yourself.

Photo credit: Jan Pelcman

Setting the intention to stay connected to yourself by being grounded and centered is an important first step. The world can be loud, and the practice of turning inward is all about connecting to what is subtle within you.

It is key to really get to your know your pattern in dealing with stress. The stress responses of fight, flight or freeze show up differently in each of us and are rooted in our past experiences. As soon as you notice the cues such as tightness, emotional reactivity, judgment of yourself and of others, a sense of heaviness and/or impatience, know that you are already connected to yourself.


As you honestly see yourself, you have the opportunity to choose to center and ground yourself, in other words, go deeper within. In this, you connect to the stillness, spaciousness, silence that is present within your beingness. Resting into the moment, in itself, will slow you down in a soft, natural way.

Photo credit: Laurie Rubin


As awareness, you feel close to yourself - regardless of what you are seeing or how uncomfortable you are. In kindness and gentleness without the intention to change yourself in any way, self-acceptance unfolds. Your heart opens and softens as you be with yourself as you are. You experience love.

Photo credit:


From this higher and clearer view, your heart pulls you toward what is fresh and alive. You naturally and creatively respond to life and all of its possibilities without any urgency to rescue yourself by making yourself feel better.

Photo credit: Jim Ridley


You can trust life to create its magic when you are lovingly present to what is within you.

Photo credit: Daniel Munger

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