Nourishment amidst the Chaos

When life gets chaotic and old behavioural patterns show up as a result, a dose of self-nourishment is particualrly essential. It is powerful to know what nourishes us so we can take responsibility for doing that on a daily basis. The powerful practice of self-nourishment helps us deal with the really stressful times at a responsive rather than a reactive level.

On that note, what nourishes you? My invitation is for you to pause, gently close your eyes and become aware of your breath. Ask yourself that powerful question again. Listen. The answer will emerge with an accompanying sensation in your body that feels relaxing and expansive. Your body knows.

For me, I am nourished by a walk in nature, an afternoon nap, the awareness of Love, the joy exuded by my beloved dogs, a loving touch, inspirational reading, the powerful energy of a sacred space, silence, 'simply being' time, yoga and a healthy, delicious meal. I notice that an inner smile emerges as I write each of these, and I know there's more. All are enjoyed in present time which makes all the difference.

Again, what nourishes you? What brings that smile to your inner being? Feel it in your body and celebrate knowing yourself in this very loving, compassionate way. What do you need to do to make room for more of 'this' in your life?


I take the time for myself to do what brings me a sense of aliveness and joy. I am worthy.


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