Noticing Resistance

What is resistance? My definition is that it's the part within us that doesn't want to change - the part that likes the status quo, even if it's uncomfortable at times.

I notice that there are times when I resist hearing feedback or opening up to a new idea that's out of the box or receiving all that's there for me to receive in my heart. It's then that I notice resistance is in the driver's seat instead of the creative, integrated, resourceful, adult self who can come from a very different place.

What I know is that resistance is natural for all of us. It's all in the noticing without making it wrong - without judging that part in any way. Accepting that there is a gift to resistance - it can slow us down, have us exercise greater discernment and can get us more curious about what's in our highest good.


I notice the resistance that can show up in the moment. I gently watch it through the eyes of acceptance. I am safe.


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