New Leaders

I just got back from leading a workshop in Sonoma, California initiated by   We worked with twelve teenagers who chose diversity as the essence of their group. Different economic and cultural backgrounds, a mix of girls and boys and a wide span of ages were the reasons for their choice.   What I noticed is how open and willing they were to learn and grow from the exercises and from one another. I appreciated their acceptance of one another so that each of them felt safe to be themselves and step into a whole new way of looking at leadership.  They opened to a new perspective - leadership doesn't have to be about telling others what to do or think.  It doesn't have to be about having money.  It doest have to be about being the head of a company or having others follow you.

I heard a 17-year-old boy say, "I now see that leadership is all about motivating others".  I personally would use the word 'inspiring' others into action.  Each teenager came up with a project that was in alignment with what they felt passionate about and was missing in the community.  For one girl who loved to dance, the Spanish words for "I Can" became the title of her project - teaching dance to her peers so they would grow in confidence and have fun together after school.  Another teenager who loved baseball felt that the girls' baseball diamond in their town needed attention.  Unlike the boys, they had no bleachers or uniforms and played on ground that was unkempt and filled with holes.  She took on the task of reaching out to those in the community who could be of help to bring equality to this area.  These are just two of twelve wonderful projects.

As you can hear, I was inspired by their enthusiasm, openness and willingness to serve.


I see what needs to be done and take one small step to making that happen.  In this way, I make a difference.  We all can be leaders.  I own the leader within me.


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