Money, Money, Money...

The way we deal with money says a lot about how we operate in the arena of claiming our lives as our own.

Take a moment to reflect about how the above statement applies to you. To assist you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I give away/spend on others more than I can afford?
  • What part of me gives to others? The pleaser? The rescuer? The manipulator? The competitor?
  • Is it easier to spend my money giving to others than addressing my own needs?
  • Is it difficult for me to say no to a loved one who needs my money, even when my heart really does not want to say yes?
  • Am I into fairness? As soon as someone is generous with me, do I feel compelled to return their generosity or even outshine them?
  • Am I low on the top of the list of those who benefit from the money that I make?
  • Do I have my own bank account, an account where I call the shots?
  • Do I have a plan for spending my money that sets clear boundaries - listening to my own integrity instead of anyone/everyone else's?
  • How do I use my money to take care of what I need - first and foremost?
  • What are MY top priorities in terms of spending money?

Because of old conditioning, I notice that it is vital for me to have clear boundaries regarding how much of my money I give away under the guise of fairness. When I create a plan that works for me, depending on the situation, I put into balance the 'giving and receiving' component of money. I listen to what feels right for me so that my words, actions, feelings and energy/body sensations line up, AND there are no doubts.


Taking the time to create a plan that has me live in financial integrity is a gift that I give myself. I take charge of MY money as I understand that money is an exchange of energy. I listen to my heart and body when my giving is out of sync with what feels right to me. It is okay for me to own my power in the arena of money/energy.


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