Marlena Field Interview: Body Wisdom and Confidence

Marlena Field is a Professional Certified Coach. As an expert in using the body as a resource for change, Marlena created a body-centered coaching method, wrote a book and created CDs of live coaching demonstrations. Her techniques combine mindfulness and the body’s wisdom for the purpose of integrating body, mind and spirit. These help coaches and other helping professionals assist clients to access body information that creates a greater depth of insight, self-awareness and self-acceptance. She can be found at

I'm excited to share with you my interview with Marlena.  I've known and respected her for a many years as a colleague and friend and very much value what she has to offer you.  I'm also currently being trained by Marlena as a certified trainer for holistic professionals who want to know the principles of "body-centered coaching" - a method that is recognized by the International Coach Federation and created by Marlena.

Inspiring.  Clear.  Practical.  Honest.

Marlena gives you a practical insight about confidence in the first of two interviews.  I invite you to watch....

Stay tuned for the second interview as we explore how inner confidence is a way to come home to yourself - and how the body will support you in every way on this journey.

To you. For you.  Enjoy.