Making the Case for Your Feelings

Say yes. In my view, keeping your heart open to your feelings is about the most important spiritual work that you can do. 

There's a distinction between deeply feeling your feelings and expressing them to those around you. The victim, persecutor or rescuer within us can show up in that expression and, in the process, hurt our relationships. In the long run, that initial feeling of release isn't always worth it.

When we open our hearts to feeling without the accompaniment of our mind's 'story' - lovingly recognizing and accepting our feelings without judgment - there is an opportunity for healing. In this scenario, we get that no one can 'make' us feel anything. We also get that our feelings reflect how we perceive what's happening, separate from what's really happening.


I open my heart to feel - accepting ALL of my feelings with love. I acknowledge my humanness. I can now separate the facts from the interpretations/assumptions in my story. I am willing to see in a new way. I realize that even though I may not understand why, my soul has created this situation so I can learn and grow.


Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D, CPCC, is deeply committed to sparking the hearts of women and men to experience an inner confidence - that sense of wholeness, aliveness, and serenity that comes from deeply knowing yourself, fully accepting the lightness and darkness of being human, and living freely by standing in your own truth.

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