Making Peace with the Mind

I’ve been in denial about my mind that likes to be perfect. Now that I’m fully onto it, I’ve been so curious and open to discover more and more within myself about this learned habit. This is what I’m seeing from my own experience:

  • Making peace with your mind is a major step in becoming your own best friend. This process completely, 100% begins and ends within you.
  • Honestly seeing the judgement of self and others that is rooted in perfectionism - and its impact on your life - is key. Your heart now has the opportunity to lovingly embrace another part of you.
  • Fighting with the mind, making yourself wrong, and/or trying to change or fix this habit feeds the habit of perfection. Being real and giving yourself lots of space to honestly be in the energy, in the vibration, in the feelings that arise from this habit is what it’s all about. As you welcome everything, you’re on the path of true friendship with your mind - just as it is.
  • Simply notice how expectations of yourself and others play a part in this perfectionism. Ask yourself: are the stories that I’m creating absolutely true?
  • Appreciate the strength of your mind: its abilities to learn, to problem solve, to create, to be in wonder, to nurture new possibilities, and so much more. Through appreciation, you will learn to work with the mind instead of against it.
  • Get to know your mind: how it likes to plan, to organize, to be certain, to be logical. It likes to see the results of tests, to have proof, to be in the world of the concrete. Nurture this in a discerning way so the mind feels heard and acknowledged.
  • Invite the qualities of kindness, softness, and gentleness to be with you in your day. For instance, you can do this by asking yourself: what would it be like if a little more kindness was with me throughout my day? The mind doesn’t feel threatened when we take small, gentle steps in a new direction.
  • Give yourself permission to say no so that you don’t give more than you truly want to give. This is where living in kindness truly begins.
  • Open the heart to enjoying the range of emotion and experiences that make you uniquely yourself - human, vulnerable, and perfect in your imperfections.
  •  Find ways to be in your body, to rest within, to experience presence. From here, the inner witness and teacher is available to you and will support you in being with the mind’s habits. Life is a process. You are already enough - NOW. As you dip into the core of who you are which is Love itself, you experience the truth and beauty of this.


Choose practices above that most resonate in your body. You can do this by reading aloud each practice and really noticing its physical impact.

Set the intention to be open to this practice as well as being open to any resistance.

Whatever you discover about yourself, value that. Allow it to land in your heart. Notice the impact.

* The photo is by Nina Stavlund and is titled Peace of Mind. You can purchase the print at