Making Choices

Do you really know deep in your bones that you - and only you - get to choose what your life is about?

A client of mine, in the corporate world as well as being a mother, realized that her high expectations of her mate kept intimacy at bay when she tried to get him to behave differently.  Everything organically changed when she stopped expecting him to be anyone else than who he is. Accepting what is now keeps her heart open and love flowing outward.

And there are other pieces to this. As she is no longer wasting energy trying to make someone else change, she is full of energy and gets that she chooses where she directs all of it.  Choosing consciously - for herself - where she will place her focus has become a daily practice. She has a whole support system in place that reflects her heart's desires so is no longer looking to him to fulfill all of her needs. Needless to say, their relationship is thriving.


Take time to reflect today as you drive in the car, do the dishes, run on the treadmill, or sit in silence.  Ask yourself: What happens when I take back my right to make choices about how I direct my energy? What is it that I want to do today without expecting or trying to get something from someone else?  What is my heart telling me right now?


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