At One with Love

Love is present - always. by Monica Saaty

We just don't know it at times. We get caught up in the drama of living our daily lives. The to-do's. The have-to's.  The should-do's. And we forget.

When we rest and fall back into our true selves.  When we stop - even for a moment. We experience what's here. Now.

The spaciousness. The stillness.

Yes, the Love.

Love that can't be given or taken away.  Love that simply is.

When we listen to and be who we naturally are, this Love, there is a sense of fulfillment that we can't get from circumstances that come and go, from thoughts that come and go, from feelings that come and go.

I am deepening my understanding, my experience of Love.  And feeling the joy that is present within it.  Now.  That inner confidence at the core which is not earned.

No doing. No pressure. No responsibility. No stress.  Love just is.

And when I lose my conscious connection to this, when I lose touch with this, it's all okay. Because I know with utmost certainty that this Love is the totality of who I am.  The totality of who you are.

The joy, the anger, the discouragement, the devotion, the frustration, the lightness, the reactivity, the darkness. It's all part of a human life. And ALL of it, ALL of it is founded upon LOVE at its core.


Take a moment to simply stop in the doing of a day.  Rest.  Ask yourself: who is aware of this breath?  These thoughts?  These feelings?  Who is here?  Who is present?  With innocence, simply inquire and experience what is here to be discovered - in this moment.

Touch your heart as you take a deep breath.