Love and Power

As a naturally giving person, you likely really understand how good it feels to love. In fact, love and connection is likely one of your top values.

A feeling of disconnection (opposite to that loving, open-hearted place) can come from feelings of hurt, anger, frustration and/or resentment due to a relationship glitch. When we react to a dynamic or series of dynamics, we usually don't feel connected to that person in our life at least for the time being. This can be a painful place - a place where we give away our power.

When we feel disconnected from someone else, we are in truth disconnected from our core where love resides. The challenge is to allow ourselves to feel the energetic feeling that comes our way without taking it personally. To keep our hearts open through it all is key. Embracing and feeling what's there at a body level allows us to stay connected to ourselves. Even though our own behaviour and the behaviour of those around us may not appear loving, deeply knowing that all unloving behaviours are rooted in confusion helps us stay open and connected.


I own my power - the power of love. I live and express love, particularly for myself, no matter what. I keep my heart open and free.


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