There are so many ways that we can tap into that wonderful energy of love. Having animals who become part of our family - those beings we bond with deeply - is one way to experience pure love.

What's very special is the kind of love animals express is unconditional. No matter what, they are devoted to us. They see their roles as taking care of us. They can worry about us. Enjoy us. Want to be with us. Kiss us by their licks. Snuggle up against us for the closeness and warmth that they love.

What would you be like if you gave yourself unconditional love? What would be the impact of you on your world if you came from the place of deeply knowing in every part of your body that you really are okay and worthy of the best of love?

Play with that image today. How will you express self-love in a simple way that touches you deeply? Set that intention…notice what you're inspired to do…and enjoy.


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