Living the Conventional Life

At a gathering, I listened to a young man talk about planning for his upcoming wedding. My heart felt for him as he was dealing with the social and family pressures, whether assumed or real, to 'get it right' and follow the 'rules'. All those opinions, all those 'should's'. The bottom line question that he was doing his best to address was: how do he and his soon-to-be-wife want to celebrate their marriage? So many conventions that are expensive to follow didn't feel right to him. I could see the stress as the price and resulting debt for being conventional increased. How many of us have succumbed to the dreams of others instead of staying with our own personal integrity? As I listened to him, I thought about the price of living conventionally. Following the path of 'what will people think?' can be exhausting. And how happy I am with my life that is fully mine, unconventionally mine. There's a lot of freedom and simplicity in making that well as richness. I'm rooting for him to find his own path with regard to their wedding and in their life together - one that fits what they truly want that will make room for their own brand of unconventionality.


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