Living Life with Ease

A small, simple word for a quality that has such potential to have a far-reaching impact on your life.  I’ve included a photo of the sculpture, Onion Girl, by Ann Fleming who  writes: “Along the way of our journey through life the beauty of who we are sometimes gets lost in layers of protection like the layers of an onion. This piece is about letting the light shine down on our beautiful uniqueness.” You can peel another layer of the onion by exploring how to nurture, embody, and integrate the quality of ease more and more fully into your life - step by gentle step.


How do you more fully lead a life of ease?  In the midst of the drama, complexity, and stress that is part of living on this planet, how do you create a sense of ease?

How might greater ease look and feel like in your life?  

Here are just some ideas for you to simply consider and explore what feels right to you in honor of ease:

  • Set the intention to create ease in your life on a daily basis. A simple blessing upon awakening such as, “May I move through my day with ease” can be a wonderful place to begin.
  • Catch yourself when you are moving through life in what feels like ease to you. Notice the sensations that accompany this quality so that your body and heart will remember.
  • Simply and kindly notice when you’re struggling, grasping, or trying hard for ‘more’. The more that I’m talking about is more stuff, love, recognition, success, and/or knowledge so you will be ‘better’ or ‘enough’ in the eyes of others - all of which takes you away from a life of ease.
  • Know yourself - what’s most important to you, what are your strengths and limitations, what are your particular needs to offset the impact of stress, what are your fears, how do you want to make a difference. Self-awareness takes making life choices to a whole new level. You get to consciously and naturally prioritize and simplify - both key foundational pieces to creating ease.
  • Give your attention to being mindful, grounded, and centered in your body. Each is a gift that opens the door to presence. The more present you are, the more ease that naturally unfolds in your life.
  • When you are with others, practice the art of listening. Be. This will help you relax and creatively respond in the moment rather than automatically and habitually react.
  • Carefully select what issues you raise with those who surround you - harmony on the outside supports harmony on the inside. When it’s important to you, share from your heart rather than the mind which is all about protection and separateness.  Ease in relationships is invaluable and unfolds when you responsibly and honestly see yourself.
  • Face all of your feelings, even the uncomfortable ones, by energetically being with them rather than analyzing, avoiding, or trying to fix them. This practice both respects the natural movement of feelings and makes inner space for ease.
  • Consider doing one task at a time.  Multi-tasking is over-rated.
  • Prioritize a few items each day on your to-do list.  Structure your time so you can 100% focus and complete each of these priorities. Give the rest of the to-do’s a lot of space so you naturally slow down. Hurrying and distracting yourself with what’s to be done next creates stress rather than ease.
  • Make friends with silence. It is in the spaciousness of silence where real wisdom arises above and beyond the chaos.
  • Make the decision to stay in your own business. Trying to control or fix other people’s business is like going upstream on a river. Greater ease is all about going downstream.
  • Appreciate and embrace every opportunity that comes your way to laugh. Place laughing at yourself into this mix. Taking your personality lightly is healing in itself.

No one else can you tell you what ease means to you - it’s yours to discover through your body, mind, and soul. I invite you to drop down into your heart and re-read the above. Notice what ideas energize you, resonate with you, call you. These are your special practices that will support your unique experience of ease.

There is so much freedom and grace that’s here for you in coming home to your own life and living it with greater ease. The inner confidence process points you here.


Allow yourself to find that place within your body that you call your center. In the stillness that is present here, invite in the quality of ease.  Notice this quality drop down from the crown of your head into your very center. Breathe and feel into the sensations.

Ask yourself: what would it feel like to have a little more of this ease in my life?

*The sculpture in the photo was created by Ann Fleming who gave me permission to share this with you. She can be found at