Living Honestly

Living a life of integrity means peeking under the layers to find what is truly there for us deep inside. It's shedding light on what we may not have seen about ourselves before.  Raising to consciousness what has previously been unconscious helps us to make choices because we are now aware.  We are in a place of being honest with ourselves. I listened to an audio in the course, Awakening Joy, and a Buddhist monk gave a wonderful metaphor.  He said our fridge can be completely clean-looking and, yet, there is an odour.  Until we uncover and deal with the odour, our fridge really isn't clean.

It's that willingness to discover and learn from the 'odour' that helps keep our actions and words on track.  We need to be honest with ourselves in order to do this.  It's not work for the weak.  It definitely takes courage.


I courageously look deep inside of myself.  I am honest with what I notice.  I love and accept myself.  I forgive myself.  I embrace my learning with love and compassion.


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