Life's Preciousness

I am writing today after a very full weekend in which I led a retreat entitled "It's My Life!" at Mount Carmel Ecumenical Center in Niagara Falls. Mount Carmel is a beautiful space....made of stone, over one hundred years old, overlooking the falls so you can feel the mist when you walk out the door. A place where people have come for meaning and spiritual nourishment throughout many, many years. The energy inside Mount Carmel's walls reflect this. It's special. And it has an indoor and outdoor labrynth which adds to its specialness. As I began leading the retreat, there was one chair left empty. As soon as I had the opportunity, I checked at the front desk and found out that this woman had died just this past Tuesday. She had been the first person to sign up and pay. She had not been feeling well and when she went out with her best friend for dinner just the week before, she told her that she knew she was going to die. She had had cancer fifteen years ago. The doctors thought she had pneumonia and, it turned out, that the cancer had returned at 68 years old. She had been a seeker and made the most of her life.

I told the other participants, and her chair was left in a special spot. We could feel her there. It was like a message was sent to all of us: remember, life is sacred. No one else can live our life. And we are not meant to live someone else's. This is the foundation of my work in supporting others to claim their own precious life. I hold that space in all the work that I am privileged to do.


I am deeply and profoundly grateful for my sacred life.


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