Life's Challenges

How do you perceive the challenges that arise in your life? Do you strive for everything to be perfect? Are you driven to control as much as possible the circumstances in your life? What's that like for you? What is the cost on you? What is the payoff?

What would shift if you saw any challenge that arose in your career or in your relationships as simply being part of life? What would be different if you held the perspective that everyone faces upsets? Challenges give us the opportunity to grow in wisdom. They are gifts that can expand and stretch us.

I love this quote from "How We Choose to Be Happy" by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks:

" Answering the classic question about the glass being either half full or half empty, happy people will say the glass is half full and half empty. Life is about coming to terms with both perceptions of the past. Happiness is the result of our conscious responses to both the wonderful and the tragic components of life."

When you face a challenge today, IF you face a challenge today, what would be different if you saw it as an opportunity upon which to reflect and grow?


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