Life is Good

Even when it doesn't always feel that way. Everyone has challenges. At my get-together with my dear friends last weekend, there wasn't one woman there who didn't face a challenge AND had really wonderful aspects to their lives. It's about accepting that the glass (life) is half empty AND half full - for everyone. What I have noticed is that when I stand in this place of accepting what is, it makes all the difference. I still get to choose what works for me and what doesn't. For instance, I can walk away, make a change in my behaviour, or ask for what I want. And just being with 'what is' without fighting it - swimming downstream - has me reach a level of calmness that takes away the suffering caused by trying to swim upstream. Suffering is the inner turmoil that comes when the mind runs amuck.


I accept the reality of life. It is what it is. Whatever I can change to move in a direction that feels life-giving to me, I take that step. I get past my 'edge'. The unknown unfolds in its perfect time and its perfect way.


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